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Other questions? Please see the UMP EBC Technical FAQ.

Q: What is the OAeBU report? 

This report comes from the work of the Open Access eBook Usage Data Trust project. The purpose of this project is to develop and test infrastructure, policy and governance models to support a diverse, global data trust for usage data on open access (OA) monographs. As an international cooperative managed by the community of stakeholders in scholarly communications and operating a secure data repository and member dashboards, this data trust aims to align with the priorities of authors and institutions while respecting emerging ethical norms in the use of metrics.

The University of Michigan Press is one of five pilot partner publishers to contribute open access ebook usage data to the project, and to receive a customized report aggregating usage data from a range of sources. 

Q: What are the data sources for the OAeBU report?

Q: Will I be contacted about how to log in to an admin module (if available), how to set IP addresses, how to retrieve COUNTER reports, etc.?

A: Fulcrum, the platform that supports UMP EBC, does not have a admin panel that requires login; IP addresses are reported in the UMP EBC order form that LYRASIS provides to UMP. The COUNTER reports dashboard requires no login; it uses IP authentication to identify the requesting institution. Librarians can access, view, and download (.csv) their institution’s COUNTER reports documenting usage at (You may need to alter the previous link to a proxied URL in order to be IP-authenticated to the reporting system.)

You can read more information about the COUNTER 5 standard and your COUNTER reports here

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