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Affiliated User is a user that has an institutional affiliation.

Publisher Catalog is the set of monographs associate with the publisher's subdomain.  

Child Publisher has one parent publisher and no children.

Collection is synonymous with a set of monographs

Dashboard is available to privileged users that are responsible for maintaining publisher content.


Monograph is metadata and a set of resources, the base unit of content.

Monograph Catalog is the additional resources of a monograph.

Open Access is an attribute of a monograph that designates its EBook representative resources can be read by any user.  This attributes overrides any paid access requirement.

Paid Access refers to a monograph that is a member of a product and its EBook representative resources can be read only by a user that has purchased the product or a user that is affiliated with an institution that has purchased the product.

Parent Publisher has zero or more child publishers and no parent

Platform Administrator (Platform Admin) is a role that allows the user administrative privileges over the entire platform.