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Please adhere to the following guidelines when creating MARC records for British Archeological Reports:


The following are required for indexing and discovery services (OCLC, EBSCO, ProQuest):

  • 001 is required and must not include the OCLC Control Number. The organization code 'UkOxBAR' may be included.
  • 003: Use organization code 'UkOxBAR'.
  • 020: eISBNs should be in subfield $a; print ISBNs must be in subfield $z.
    • For the formats in subfield $q, we recommend the following controlled vocabulary:
      • ebook
      • paper
      • hardcover
  • 024: Include this field with the DOI in subfield $a and the designator 'doi' in subfield $2. The value of the First Indicator must be '7'.
  • 856 $u must contain the DOI URL.


The following are recommended both for considerations of quality and for consistency with cataloging practice among Fulcrum-hosted collections:

  • 028 should include the BAR number in subfield $a and ‘BAR Publishing’ in subfield $b 
  • 040: Include organization code 'UkOxBAR' in $a and $c.
  • Include 043 when geographic locations are part of the subject headings.
  • Recommend adding a classification in 050.
  • Recommend adding 655 \4$aElectronic books.
  • 776: Optional. $t with title should also be included. If print version is noted in the 588, there is no need for the $i.856 $u must contain the DOI URL.


MARC records should be uploaded as individual files (in .xml or .mrc format), with a filename based on the ebook ISBN, e.g. 9781407355344.xml