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Competitive analysis and investigation of other Reading Systems




      Based on feedback and recommendations from the UARC Report 2020

      we should consider re-designing the e-reader UI widgets, move away from modals, and consider ways we can improve user preferences and reading modes to help improve both usability and accessibility of the e-reader

      As a first step towards thinking about accessible and usable design patterns that can be applied to the Fulcrum EReader, investigate other Reading Systems, especially those that are identified as accessible and how they implement features such as preferences, menus, features/widgets, and text display.

      We should also be considering issues and complaints that have been submitted by Fulcrum users over the years - see the Cone of Knowledge.

      Some things to look for:

      • Menus
        • How are they presented?
        • Are they modals? If modals are they accessibly implemented? How?
      • Preferences
        • How are preferences presented to users?
        • What preferences can users set?
        • Is there special interaction with AT?
      • Features and Grouping
        • What features are available?
        • How are they grouped together?
        • And how are they presented to users (icons, text, etc.)?
      • Viewing/Reading Canvas
        • How is it oriented? How are texts displayed, especially those that are page image/PDFs?
        • What options to users have for adjusting the display of the text on the canvas?


      Some Reading Systems to explore:

      [  ] Bookshelf by VitalSource

      [  ] Thorium

      [  ] Kindle

      [  ] Apple iBooks

      [  ] Manifold EReader

      [  ] RedShelf

      [  ]Adobe Digital Editions

      [  ] Play Books (Google)




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